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2 Player Boss Fight is a co-op boss fighting game. Defeat various bosses with your friend to achieve victory and to collect the most tickets!

Game Modes
2 Player
•Fight against 10 bosses with a friend of yours in a co-op battle!
Avoid the shots of the boss with your friend in an immense 2 player boss fight!
1 Player
• Would like to play alone? No problem! Jump into battle alone, practice, and impress your friends!
• Do you two want to fight each other? Well, you can! Select from 8 different weapons and jump into Versus mode!
• 10 boss is not enough? Lets see how far you can go in the endless mode with random always unique bosses!

Online: Play with others now Online! Your friend lives far? You can now play together!
Weapons in Boss Fight: Boss Fight now has 9 weapons that you can choose from!
Daily Bosses: Jump at a daily boss every day and try receive the rewards!
Leaderboards: Lets see how far you have made compared to others! You can receive rewards every day!
Shop: Collect tickets in various gamemodes and spend your coupons in the shop!

10 levels, each harder and harder, will you guys survive?
20 various spaceships to choose from!
9 different weapons!
Hard and normal modes to make it even more challenging!
Last chance, revive once if your friend defeats the boss!
Shared Life, start with 4 hearts, however, these hearts will be shared!
13 Different backgrounds!
Modifiers to unleash some chaos!

Once a player dies, it is GAME OVER. Survive as 2 Players!

Huge thanks for the amazing music tracks made by Steven Scherber!!

Invite a friend to play as 2, or play alone, in school, or anywhere!

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