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Merge cats is a relaxing cat puzzle game with a ton of felines and magic items! Here you can merge cats – 3 in a row will generate a new breed! Cats collect valuable resources and solve puzzles together with you.

Help the cats to build mansions! Broken cat houses, when merged three in a row, will speed up renovation of your fluffy friends’ mansion! Discover new areas of the feline world, cure the lands, and merge flowers and trees as three in a row to obtain new plants and build a garden worth your dreams!

Merge items and develop the island. Help the fluffy friends restore the former beauty of their world!

Game features:
Puzzles and secrets!
Thousands of unique items to merge!
A collection of 100+ cat breeds!
Cozy locations and themed events 2-3 times a month!
Amazing monthly seasons!
Lots of treasures and the best rewards,
Building mansions and restoring lands!
Creating a garden with plants and trees!

Huge eyes, tiny ears and a wet nose are the cutest! Download the game and keep the tail up 24/7!

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